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The first edition of the Forum Invest In West Africa is held on the theme: Financing SMEs with high potential, Amplify public-private partnerships .

Building productive capacities of the private sector and increasing public-private partnerships are the most crucial instruments to support intensification of value chains, stand inclusive economic diversification, capable of bringing development to the region his next step.

The first challenge is improving the overall infrastructure of SME financing. Indeed, 70% of them difficult to access the medium / long term funding and nearly half of them turned to the informal sector. The causes are many: lack of confidence, lack of information, not suitable funding systems even obsolete, maturity and project bankability.

The second challenge is to thin the dialogue between policy makers and regional private, to expand financing of investments in infrastructure capacity, including integrators benefit from best practices in terms of private management, rely on the forces of private sector innovation.

In its edition 2019,  entrepreneurs, investors, regional and continental organizations, Heads of State and Government, Ministers, stakeholders in the promotion of investment, industrial leaders banking and finance, sovereign wealth funds, SMEs, government officials gather at the FORUM INVEST iN WEST AFRICA around a pragmatic and ambitious agenda for deepening the private sector through regional integration, which is based on the triptych Attractiveness – Competitiveness – Funding ..

Theme : uilding regional capital to tackle the challenges of economic transformation

Theme : Financing SMEs with high potential, Enhancing public-private partnerships : regional integration as a driver

Theme : From national champion to regional champion: Builders’ lessons

Keynote :

Derisking West Africa to stimulate the region’s competitiveness


Theme :

Inventing the new West African economy

Theme 1 :

Understanding private equity

Theme 2 :

Managing your SME-SMI to foster its growth

Keynote :

Re-engineering Public-Private Partnerships in the age of regional integration


Theme :

Transforming regional investment infrastructure to accelerate development: the role of innovative financing mechanisms

Theme : Africa-Asia: for a new growth partnership